Floodlight Camera 1080p

Monitor your property and capture 1080p footage with this Eufy smart floodlight camera, Real-Time Response, No Monthly Fees, Secure Local Storage. The super-bright 2500-lumen motion-activated lights provide excellent illumination for nighttime recording, Ready for Any Weather. This Eufy smart floodlight camera offers the option to livestream HD video from your smartphone, and two-way audio communication lets you interact with visitors from afar.

A Bright Idea for Your Home

Traditional floodlights offer very limited functionality. Enhance your security by adding surveillance, real-time response and more.


The Eufy Floodlight Camera uses a white IP65 weatherproof enclosure that measures 9.0 by 11.0 by 7.0 inches (HWD). Two square LEDs sit on the fixture’s adjustable arms. The lamps are dimmable, put out 2,500 lumens each, and have a 5,000K white color temperature.

Voice control

This floodlight camera works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so that you can control the camera with your voice or control it alongside your other smart home devices all in one app. Both assistants can also control the lights of the floodlight camera, which is a nice feature.

Monitoring zones

The camera offers a 140-degree view that can be manually adjusted to physically point where you need it to. This feature, which Eufy calls Activity Zones, allows you to highlight certain areas that the camera “sees” to receive motion alerts from movement only in those areas. Eufy’s activity zones work well, but Eufy’s activity zones have to be either square or rectangular.


The Floodlight Cam uses the same Eufy mobile app (available for Android and iOS) as other Eufy devices. It appears on the Devices screen in a panel that displays the last captured image. Below the video panel are buttons for turning the lights on and off, as well as for manually recording video, capturing a snapshot, initiating two-way talk, and muting the sound.

Easy to Install

The Eufy Floodlight Camera is more than capable of illuminating your yard or driveway at night so you can see what’s happening. It’s also easy to install,The Eufy Smart Floodlight with Camera is wired so you have the option to plug it into a very closeby outlet or to install it into an existing light fixture spot with existing wiring. setup took a mere 10 minutes before it was up and running.

Shining a Light on Who’s There. 2500 lumens

Adjust the brightness to suit your surroundings. Scare off intruders or light up the way when you get home late.

Stay Connected

Activate or dim the floodlights via voice command on Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Bright When You Need It

Preset brightness settings for different scenarios.

Ready for Any Season

IP65 Weatherproof rating – built to withstand freezing cold winters, heavy downpours or dry, hot summers.

Every corner covered.

Wide-angle view ensures you get the whole picture while streaming in full 1080p HD.

Detect. Record. Alert.

Customize detection settings to suit your surroundings. When a relevant event is identified the footage will be recorded and an instant alert will be sent.

Instant Alerts

Get notified immediately of activity and interact in real-time. Instant alerts allow you to always have an eye on your home.

No Hidden Costs

You shouldn’t have to pay monthly fees for data storage. Local storage is more secure and doesn’t cost extra!

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