Floodlight Cam 2 Pro

Capture every single detail in crisp 2K resolution and 360-degree coverage with this eufy Security Floodlight Pro 2K T8423C21 Pan and Tilt camera for a complete view without any blind spots. Floodlight Pro 2K records motion-activated events 24/7 and has three motion detectors with an extra-long range to capture every event. The on-device AI recognizes when a person is present then zones in on, tracks, and records the subject’s every move. Three super-bright, motion-activated floodlights illuminate everything within a 12-metre radius to deter unwanted visitors, ensuring detailed, full-colour recordings for a crystal-clear view day or night with 3,000-lumens brightness.

360° Complete Surveillance

Floodlight Cam 2 Pro


Don’t leave any area unseen thanks to a 360 view of any location. And if you’re not actively watching, Floodlight Cam 2 Pro’s Al willsend you a notification as it automatically locks on and tracks moving subjects.

One Camera, Zero Blind Spots

Watch and defend an entire property with a single device.


3 floodlight panels shine with 3000-lumen brightness to illuminateeverything within a 40-foot radius. Smart illumination lets you setighting triggers, color, and temperature via your phone.


The HD 2K camera records footage that contains the finest detail. With an IP65 weatherproof design, and military grade encryptionyou get safe and reliable footage in all conditions.

Works with Voice Assistant

Connect to the Google Ass stant or Amazon Alexa and check in anytime, just ask.

Two-Way Audio and 100db Strong Siren

For added security, you can activate a loud siren. It even features built-in speakers for two-way communication so you can tell trespassers to go away or communicate with your postie.

Privacy Prioritized

All footage is stored locally with nothing being uploaded to the cloud. Your recordings are accessible anytime via a secure 256-bit encrypted connection.

Easy App Control

The Eufy Security app makes it incredibly easy to use the Floodlight Cam 2 Pro. There are only a handful of features, and they’re all pretty straightforward. For example, pressing the screenshot button will take a picture of whatever the camera is currently looking at, and save it to the device running the Eufy app. Similarly, the Record button will save a video in a similar manner. Moving the camera is easy with the four big buttons on the screen, and pressing the 360 degree button makes the camera take a quick spin to show everything going on around it.

More Features

Anker has also packed in motion sensing alongside tunable light output that can automatically adjust the temperature and brightness based on the time of day. So you can have the lights automatically turn on at sundown if you’d like, or tie them into a time-based schedule.

Adjustable Brightness

Fill your outdoor space with ạnything from a gentie glow to a super-bright warning.

Adjustable Color

Welcome yourself home with warm illumination or alarm intruders with pure white.

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