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Eufy Doorbell: A Revolution in Home Safety

The eufy Video Doorbell is a significant leap forward in home security, offering homeowners a smart, secure, and convenient way to monitor their doorsteps. Equipped with high-resolution video capabilities, this doorbell allows for clear and detailed recordings, enhancing safety and providing peace of mind. In addition, it offers features such as two-way audio, which facilitates easy communication with visitors, and smart detection zones to precisely pinpoint areas for motion detection, reducing false alarms. Easy to install and integrate into existing home ecosystems, the eufy Video Doorbell is designed to be a homeowner’s vigilant and reliable front door assistant, offering a modern solution to home security and convenience.

Efficient Design

Fits Perfectly in Any Door Frame


The Eufy Video Doorbell is not just a security device; it’s a style statement that blends seamlessly with any home façade. Its sleek design facilitates easy installation in any door frame, making it a hassle-free addition to your home. Experience a blend of aesthetics and convenience with Eufy’s intuitively designed video doorbell.

Security And Privacy At Home

In an age where home security and personal privacy are paramount, the Eufy Doorbell emerges as a dependable ally, offering a safe, smart, and secure way to monitor your home. Here’s how it guarantees peace of mind:

Local Storage

Say goodbye to mandatory subscription fees and data privacy concerns with Eufy Doorbell’s local storage solution. All recorded footage is securely stored in your HomeBase, allowing for end-to-end encrypted access from anywhere, ensuring only you have the control over who can view your videos.

Safe and Secure Access

Even when accessing your doorbell recordings from new devices, you can rest easy knowing the stringent security protocols in place safeguard your privacy without compromising on convenience.

Dual Authentication

Eufy employs a dual authentication process, requiring a time-limited verification code sent via SMS alongside your username and password. This multi-step authentication fortifies your data’s security, making unauthorized access nearly impossible.

AI-Powered Intelligent Detection

In-built AI technology facilitates intelligent human detection, significantly reducing false alarms and unnecessary alerts. This not only ensures data privacy but also offers a targeted security approach by focusing solely on human detection.

By bringing together cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features, the Eufy Doorbell promises a security experience that is not just smart, but thoughtful, prioritizing your safety and privacy above all. Choose Eufy Doorbell, where innovation meets peace of mind.

Newly Launched

Eufy Security Video Doorbell S330


Dual Camera, Double Security.

Eufy Video Doorbell S330 Kit

Eufy, a frontrunner in home security, introduces the Doorbell S330 Kit, tailored to cater to different user preferences with its battery-powered and wired options. Here’s a glimpse into the futuristic features each variant offers:

S330 (Battery-Powered) with HomeBase

Long-Lasting Battery Life: Enjoy uninterrupted security monitoring for extended periods, thanks to its robust battery life.


Flexible Installation: Freedom to install the unit in the most optimal location without being restricted by wiring concerns.


Eco-Friendly: Utilize a green technology solution that reduces your carbon footprint without compromising security.

Shared Features

High-Resolution Recording: Both variants boast high-resolution recording capabilities, offering clear, detailed visuals to keep a vigilant eye on your surroundings.

Intelligent Motion Detection: Be notified of any activity with the smart detection feature, allowing for precise surveillance and reduced false alerts.

Two-Way Audio: Communicate easily with visitors through the two-way audio feature, adding a layer of convenience to your home security system.

S330 (Wired) with Chime

Continuous Power Supply: The wired variant ensures that your doorbell is always operational, drawing power continuously without the need for regular battery replacements.

Stable Connection: Experience a seamless connection with a constant power source, ensuring no dropped connections and maintaining a stable feed.

Easy Integration: Harmoniously integrate it with your existing doorbell setup, facilitating a simple and hassle-free installation process.

Explore the new frontier in home security with the Eufy Doorbell S330 Kit, designed to offer you peace of mind with its innovative features, whether you prefer a wired or battery-powered setup.

Eufy Video Doorbell S220


2K Resolution,
Crystal-Clear Clarity.

Eufy Video Doorbell S220 Kit

The Eufy Video Doorbell S220 offers crystal clear visuals with a 2K resolution and HDR technology, ensuring detailed and vivid images. Covering a 160-degree field of view and equipped with 12 IR LEDs for night vision, it offers secure, round-the-clock surveillance. The doorbell promotes seamless remote monitoring thanks to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection and features two-way audio communication. Pre-buffered recording captures moments before motion detection, storing the footage locally in its 4GB eMMC memory, avoiding the need for cloud storage and ensuring user privacy.

Eufy Doorbell S220 Kit (Battery-Powered)

Experience peace of mind with the Eufy Doorbell S220 Kit, a battery-powered solution for your home security needs. Boasting 2K resolution with HDR technology, it delivers vivid, detailed imagery day or night, thanks to 12 IR LEDs. Its wireless nature allows for easy installation, while features like two-way audio and pre-buffered recording enhance your home’s safety, all operating from a user-friendly home network connection.

Eufy Doorbell S220 Kit (Wired)

Enhance your home security seamlessly with the Eufy Doorbell S220 Kit, now in a wired version. Delivering high-definition imagery through a 2K resolution lens enhanced with HDR technology, it ensures crystal clear visuals. Integrated with 12 IR LEDs for night vision and pre-buffered recording, it captures every crucial moment. This wired kit offers a stable connection, promising unremitting service to keep your home safe and connected.

More Features

No Monthly Fee


“The last thing I need is to pay a monthly subscription fee. Now it seems like everyone wants a piece of my monthly paycheck”

Quick Response


You have the ability to record up to three customized messages to play for visitors when you are unavailable. Unlike many other doorbell cameras that offer pre-set responses, Eufy allows you to create your own personal messages. This feature adds a personal touch, enabling you to communicate specific instructions or greetings, like asking delivery drivers to leave your food order at the doorstep, in a way that doesn’t sound automated.

Eufy Video Doorbell C210 Kit (Battery-Powered)

Step into the future of home security with the battery-powered Eufy Video Doorbell C210 Kit. This kit offers dynamic 2K resolution video monitoring, providing you a clear view of your doorstep in any weather condition. It’s more than just a doorbell — it’s your home’s sentinel, featuring intuitive functions like pre-buffered recording and night vision. With easy wireless installation, safeguarding your home has never been more convenient and efficient.

IP65 Waterproof Rating

Keep an eye on your home, no matter what the weather. Whether you’re facing a Chicago snowstorm or a Florida thunderstorm, know that your doorbell will work.

Look Past

View the footage 3 seconds before the initial alarm. When motion is detected, the camera will start recording footage. This pre-buffering gives you a clearer picture of what’s happening and increases the likelihood of crime identification.



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