About US

At eufy camera, our mission is to make everyday life easier, safer, and more enjoyable through innovative technology products designed with the customer in mind. From home security cameras to robot vacuums and beyond, we create smart electronic devices that are thoughtful, helpful, and hassle-free for real people and real homes.

Our Story

Eeufy camera was founded in 2015 by a team of engineers and designers who saw an opportunity to take “smart home” technology to the next level. At the time, products in this category tended to prioritize fancy features over real-world usability. They required complex setup, weren’t intuitive to control, and didn’t blend seamlessly into people’s lives.

We aimed to do better by taking a human-centric approach to product development. We focused on understanding customer pain points and designing solutions that would solve real problems in an effortless way.

This meant emphasizing core functionality over bells and whistles, optimizing for convenience, and ensuring our products could be easily set up and operated by anyone. We wanted to make technology that empowered people rather than overwhelmed them.

Our first product, the eufy RoboVac robot vacuum, embodied these principles. It had the strong suction power customers expected, combined with thoughtful touches like an ultra-slim profile to reach under furniture, quiet operation so as not to disturb, and a self-charging home base for hands-free upkeep.

The RoboVac was a breakout success, and we rapidly expanded into adjacent categories like home security, pet care, and personal health. But our commitment to simple, thoughtful design and enhancing people’s lives remained the guiding light.

Today eufy camera offers a diverse range of electronic products, while staying true to our human-centric roots. As we continue to grow, our goal is to become customers’ trusted smart home partner for life.

Our Values


We get to know our users, understand their needs, and see things from their perspective. Products are designed to solve real problems in an intuitive way.

Simple & Thoughtful

We believe technology should simplify life, not complicate it. Our products provide helpful functionality without superfluous bells and whistles.

High Quality

We hold ourselves to high standards and sweat the details. Our products are made with premium materials to deliver durability and performance.

Honest Value

We aim to provide exceptional value, not the lowest price. Our products are thoughtfully designed and priced fairly.

Continuous Innovation

We are always looking for ways to improve with fresh ideas. Our engineers are empowered to experiment and push boundaries.

Mindful Impact

We care deeply about environmental sustainability and social responsibility. We strive to better the world through our actions.

Our Approach

1. Customer Obsessed

Our success begins and ends with the customer. We invest heavily in understanding user needs through surveys, interviews, home visits, and customer support analytics. Feedback is incorporated at every stage of product development. We won’t release a product until we’re confident it improves people’s lives.

2. Design Thinking

We take a human-centered design approach. Our engineers and designers collaborate closely to iteratively prototype and test solutions. Products are crafted to solve problems in an elegantly simple way. Intuitive functionality and experiences are the top priority.

3. Quality Manufacturing

Our hardware products are thoughtfully engineered and meticulously manufactured. We oversee production end-to-end, maintaining strict quality control standards. Durability and performance are rigorously validated through testing. The goal is to deliver products that withstand daily use for years.

4. Continuous Evolution

Launching a product is just the starting line. Our team actively gathers customer feedback post-launch and rolls out regular software enhancements. We keep products fresh with new features and improvements suggested by real-world usage.

5. Complete Experiences

The product itself is only one piece. We strive to provide helpful support, intuitive apps, and an effortless purchasing and fulfillment experience. Meeting customer needs doesn’t end when a product ships.

Our Products

eufy camera offers a range of electronic products to enhance home life. Our core categories include:

Home Security

We make wireless security cameras, video doorbells, smart locks, and whole home alarm systems. Features like crisp 2K video, custom activity alerts, and easy self-installation provide protection without complexity.

Home Cleaning

Our RoboVac robot vacuums handle daily cleaning automatically so you don’t have to. The latest models have powerful suction, accurate mapping, and self-empty bases. We also offer cordless upright vacuums for quick whole home cleaning.

Smart Home

We produce smart plugs, bulbs, sensors, and controllers that make homes more convenient. Set schedules, control devices remotely, create scenes and automations, and more from the eufyHome app.

Pet Care

The eufy Pet line has everything for furry friends like treat cameras, grooming tools, feeding systems, fountains, and even a smart litter box. Monitors let owners check in on pets anytime.

Personal Health

Our health products include smart bathroom scales to track 12 metrics, fitness trackers with stylish displays, and massage guns to relieve muscle tension. The eufyLife app collects data over time.

Baby Care

Monitor babies seamlessly with eufy’s 1080p baby cams, Smart Socks to track sleep patterns, and smart scales for tracking growth. Soothing features help little ones rest easy.

We believe everyone should feel comfortable and secure in their home. Our products give customers the technology to take control of their living space in a thoughtful, non-intrusive way.

Discover the full range of eufy camera products to find solutions that meet your needs today and evolve with you over time.

Our Team

The eufy camera team comprises over 500 talented professionals around the world. Our headquarters is located in Irvine, California along with our main R&D and design center. We also operate additional research hubs focused on innovative solutions and emerging technologies.

On the operations side, we have established manufacturing partnerships to produce our hardware products at scale while maintaining excellent quality control. Our supply chain teams ensure efficient delivery from factories to fulfillment centers to customers.

But hardware is only one piece. What sets us apart is our consumer-centric software that makes interacting with our devices intuitive and empowering. Our software engineers are constantly enhancing the companion apps, remote access, and smart controls.

From industrial designers to electrical engineers, UX developers to QA testers, every function combines to create products that improve life at home. Team members are driven by a shared commitment to understanding end users. We believe this collaborative culture enables us to turn ambitious ideas into helpful realities delivered to customers.

As we continue growing, we remain dedicated to attracting top talent who share our values and mission. We know we have to start from within to build innovative products that put people first.

Our Customers

Millions of customers worldwide trust eufy camera products to enhance their home life. We serve a diverse range of users across many life stages:

  • Young Professionals: Recent grads getting their first place appreciate affordable smart devices managed through mobile apps.
  • Families: Parents look to baby monitors, home security cameras, robot vacuums, and kid-friendly gadgets to facilitate childcare and household needs.
  • Pet Owners: From cameras and feeders to water fountains and self-cleaning litter boxes, our pet line helps furry family members thrive.
  • Seniors: Features like improved home safety, screenless interaction, and health monitoring allow older adults to live independently.
  • Tech Enthusiasts: Those passionate about the latest innovations enjoy eufy’s premium features and integration capabilities.

While needs vary, all our customers value technology that simplifies rather than overwhelms. We make helpful smart products accessible to the mass market, not just tech elites.

Our mission remains the same – to enhance everyday life through thoughtful technology. The diverse ways our products become part of customers’ routines inspires us to keep innovating.

The Future

As technology rapidly evolves, eufy camera is committed to helping customers navigate the smart home landscape. Our goal for the future is to provide an integrated ecosystem of products that “just work” together to meet people’s real needs.

We will build out existing categories like home entertainment and access control while expanding into promising new areas such as sustainability, wellness, and professional spaces. Our research teams are constantly experimenting with emerging technologies like AI assistants and IoT connectivity to drive innovation.

And as privacy and security concerns grow, we pledge to be transparent about data practices and put safeguards first.

Our History

Eufy camera was founded in 2015 by a team of engineers and product designers who wanted to make premium smart home technology accessible to everyone.

Headquartered in San Francisco, our journey began by focusing on the pain points of traditional home security. We created wire-free indoor and outdoor security cameras that were easy to install and provided advanced features like human detection, without monthly fees.

As we expanded our security line, we saw an opportunity to reimagine automation across the entire home. We introduced robot vacuums, video doorbells, smart locks, and other products to create a seamless smart home experience.

Some key milestones over the years include:

  • 2016: Launched our first products – the EufyCam wireless security camera system and RoboVac robot vacuums. They quickly became top-sellers in their categories.
  • 2018: Unveiled the Eufy Video Doorbell and Smart Lock Touch, rounding out our security ecosystem.
  • 2019: Expanded into pet technology with the wireless PetCam camera and smart pet feeders.
  • 2020: Introduced whole-home Wi-Fi with the Eufy Mesh System and entered appliances with the Smart Scale body composition monitors.
  • 2021: Completed our first acquisition of Nebula, an innovative projector brand, to add entertainment to our catalog.
  • 2022: Surpassed 10 million cumulative sales of Eufy products globally.

From security to entertainment to pet care and more, we are committed to using technology thoughtfully to enhance people’s lives at home. Our rapid growth is a testament to the quality and value Eufy products provide.

Our Mission

Our mission at eufy camera is simple – to make the smart home experience effortless and accessible. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of automation regardless of technical skill.

We realize this mission through three pillars:

Easy to Use

Our products are designed to be intuitive and straightforward for all homeowners. We avoid complex settings or unnecessary features. If a device isn’t simple to operate, we go back to the drawing board.

Premium Features

Eufy products include the advanced functionality found in high-end devices, without the outrageous costs. Our in-house engineering allows us to pack our products with the latest innovations.

No Hidden Fees

We eliminate monthly subscriptions, membership costs, and other strings attached. What you pay upfront is all you’ll ever pay. We won’t nickeled and dimed.

By staying true to these principles, Eufy camera has earned the trust of millions of customers. Our commitment to ease of use, quality, and transparency guides everything we do.

Our Culture

Our diverse and driven team of engineers, designers, and business professionals are the foundation for Eufy’s success.

We foster an open, collaborative culture where new ideas are encouraged. Our flat organization allows each person to have an impact.

Key traits we look for in team members:

  • Innovative Thinking: We constantly push ourselves to imagine how things could be better.
  • User Empathy: We strive to address unmet consumer needs in all we do.
  • Determined Execution: We see projects through from vision to reality with attention to every detail.
  • Passion for the Smart Home: We love discovering how technology can enhance life at home.

Perks like flexible work options, full benefits, stock options, and professional development help us attract and retain top talent. But our people are ultimately motivated by the ability to work on products they love.

If you share our enthusiasm for the smart home, we invite you to join our team!

The Future

As smart home technology improves, we see limitless possibilities for making households more intuitive. Our roadmap is packed with groundbreaking innovations in security, entertainment, appliances, climate, and more.

But as we expand into new categories, our commitment to ease of use and honest value will remain. We’ll never lose sight of the consumer in our mission to advance the smart home.

On behalf of the entire eufy camera team, thank you for considering our products. Please explore eufy camera to learn more. We can’t wait for you to experience the smart home done simply!

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