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Face-Recognizing Alerts | 1080p Full HD | No Monthly Fee | Free Local Storage | Night Vision | Weatherproof (IP67)

One thing the Eufy cameras have in common is their decently long battery lives, lasts an impressive 365-days on a single charge. Each Eufy security camera works with the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart home platforms.


The 140° wide-angle lens offers a panoramic view from the driveway to the front door. Coupled with a top-tier Sony Exmor sensor and an f2.2 large aperture, it ensures full HD surveillance in all weather conditions. Experience bright and sharp videos during the day, and clear night vision recordings when the sun sets.


Birds, dogs, and falling leaves can often trigger false alarms with other security cameras. EufyCam reduces these by up to 95% through a three-step scan and filter process. Begin by registering the faces of friends and family. Consequently, eufyCam identifies trusted individuals, reducing the number of alerts substantially.


Eufy’s security cameras boast the industry’s longest battery life, promising an optimal wireless experience. In collaboration with charging technology leader Anker, it maximizes efficiency and charging speed. Thus, eufyCam operates for 365 days on a single charge or stands by for up to 3 years, actively monitoring areas like front doors or driveways.


Eufy Security S330 2-Camera Kit

The Eufy Security S330 2-Camera Kit offers a hassle-free solution to home security, comprising two high-resolution wireless cameras for indoor and outdoor use. Designed for easy installation, it eliminates complicated wiring. The kit stands out for its motion detection feature, promptly alerting homeowners to unusual activities through crisp, clear video recordings, ensuring a safe and secure home environment.

Eufy Wall Light Camera S100

The Eufy Wall Light Camera S100 is a highly innovative home security device that amalgamates both illumination and surveillance into one unit. Designed to be mounted on walls, it is equipped with a high-definition camera that aids in monitoring premises with clarity. It harmoniously blends the functionalities of a bright LED light and a camera, thereby ensuring enhanced security while facilitating outdoor lighting.

Eufy Solar Wall Light Camera S120

The Eufy Solar Wall Light Camera S120 combines solar-powered lighting with high-resolution security monitoring, offering a green, cost-effective home security solution. This self-sufficient unit guarantees peace of mind for homeowners, ensuring vigilant property surveillance under all weather conditions, day and night. It stands as a testament to Eufy’s commitment to innovative, eco-friendly security solutions.

The Epitome of Safety, Smartness, and Security for Modern Homeowners

Eufy Camera products demonstrate a superior blend of technology and convenience, offering products to meet a variety of security needs. Whether it’s the bright and alert Eufy Floodlight Camera, the all-inclusive Eufy Camera Kit, or specially designed indoor and outdoor cameras, Eufy ensures a safe, smart and secure environment for homeowners worldwide.


The Eufy Floodlight Camera embodies the synergy between lighting and surveillance. The unit features a powerful lighting system with intelligent controls that can be customized to individual preferences and an ultra-high definition camera that provides clear images regardless of weather conditions.

One of the key features of the camera series is the ability to provide clear images even at night with the help of an integrated floodlight. Moreover, the floodlight ensures that the surrounding area is well lit, which not only helps in capturing clear footage but also acts as a deterrent to intruders. In addition, the device provides an extra layer of security through smart features such as facial recognition, which helps in differentiating between known and unknown individuals, thereby significantly reducing the possibility of false alarms.

Eufy Floodlight Camera S330

The Eufy Security Floodlight Camera S330 stands as a sentinel at your home, offering both illumination and security. This device incorporates a powerful floodlight with a high-resolution camera that can capture clear images, facilitating security day and night. Its intelligent detection system triggers the floodlight upon motion detection, effectively deterring intruders while notifying the homeowner via the Eufy Security app. Compatible with popular smart home systems, it allows users to maintain a secure and well-lit environment with ease and convenience.

Eufy Floodlight Cam E221

The Eufy Security Floodlight Cam E221 is a premium home security solution designed to keep your outdoor spaces well-lit and secure. Equipped with a high-resolution camera that offers detailed imagery both day and night, it also features a set of powerful floodlights that activate upon detecting motion, serving dual functions of illuminating your property and deterring unauthorized visitors. Integrated with smart home systems and controllable via the Eufy Security app, it brings convenience and enhanced safety to your home environment.


Constructed from cutting-edge ASA composite material, which offers unrivaled strength and protection against the elements, eufyCam works perfectly indoors and outdoors. Whether it’s raining, a freezing -20°C winter or scorching 50°C summer, eufy Camera will continue to keep watch over your home.



Eufy Camera Kits cover a holistic approach to home security, offering bundled solutions for a variety of security needs. Kits typically include high-resolution cameras that facilitate both indoor and outdoor surveillance, providing comprehensive coverage of your premises.

A standout feature of camera kits is the seamless integration of the various cameras, which allows for a unified view from different angles, thus expanding surveillance coverage. In addition, the kit also has features such as motion detection, which helps in providing timely alerts in case of any unusual activity. Notably, the installation process of the kit is very simple and does not require a complex wiring system, which ensures an easy installation process and does not compromise on security standards.

eufyCam 2C (2-Cam Kit)

Including two cameras and a HomeBase, this kit helps you stay informed of what’s happening in and around your home, with 1080 recording resolution, motion detection & alert, dual-way audio, and remote access from your phone or tablet. Built-in spotlight allows color visuals in darkness, or you can switch to infrared for discreet night vision. 16 GB eMMC storage is built in HomeBase to keep your motion activated footage safe and readily accessible. IP67 weatherproof-rating.

eufyCam E (3-Cam Kit)

Including two cameras and a HomeBase, this kit gives you peace of mind that your family and property are well protected thanks to 1080p recording resolution, night vision, motion detection & alarm, and remote access from your phone or tablet. Dual-way audio lets you say hello to visitors or warn trespassers. Cloud storage and microSD storage offer flexibility. IP65 weather-proof construction is tough enough to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, and ultra-long battery life.

eufyCam 2 Pro (2-Cam Kit)

Record home or office activity effectively with this eufy eufyCam 2 2K surveillance system. The 16GB of storage provide ample space for videos, while the two high-resolution cameras let you capture detailed security footage from multiple angles. This white eufy eufyCam 2 2K surveillance system works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for seamless hands-free operation. with mounting hardware for hassle-free installation, and the IP67-rated construction allows for safe outdoor use.


Your data is for your eyes only. That’s why it’s secured with AES 128-bit encryption. Access to your footage requires the microSD card to be inserted into the Base Station it’s registered to, and you are logged on to the account tied to the Base Station. That means only you can access the data. Not a thief, not your neighbour, nor anyone from eufy Security team.


EufyCam was originally designed to provide wireless freedom. We’ve eliminated the need for power cords, wall outlets, and drilled holes, giving you the freedom to mount the eufyCam virtually anywhere. eufyCam is ready to go in less than a second when the mount is taped to any flat surface; or directly to most metal surfaces.

Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

Eufy’s indoor and outdoor cameras represent a tailored approach to home security, allowing users to select products based on the specific needs of different areas in and around the home. These cameras utilize superior optical design to ensure high-resolution imaging for a superior surveillance experience.

Indoor cameras often feature two-way communication and integration with smart home systems, providing convenience and control directly from a smartphone. On the other hand, outdoor cameras are rugged enough to withstand harsh weather conditions while offering features such as solar compatibility for a greener, more cost-effective solution.

Solo IndoorCam C24

The Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24 is eufy’s most basic indoor wireless camera, Simple to set up and get running in just a few minutes, the Indoor Cam 2K is a great choice for monitoring kids, pets and other indoor activity. Two-way talks let you speak back and forth, no matter where you are. The camera features 2K clarity, the images to be sharp and clear, even at night. You can view live footage anytime via the app or web portal.

Solo OutdoorCam C24

The eufy Security Solo OutdoorCam 24 covers your key home security bases. It captures clear 2K video, works as a two-way intercom, and comes with onboard storage in the form of a replaceable microSD card — all in a unit about the size of a baseball. And with its built-in spotlight, four powerful infrared lights, and wide f/2.0 aperture, this camera can detect and capture even nighttime events with impressive clarity.


Eufy cameras capture HD video in resolutions from 1080p to 2K, which ensures users get clear, sharp images and video to help identify people and objects in the shot. (2K resolution ensures perfect picture detail even when zoomed in for close up viewing)


Eufy security cameras offer a range of advanced features that can help users enhance the security of their home or business and give them peace of mind.

Advanced Night Vision: Eufy cameras are equipped with advanced night vision technology that captures clear images in low light conditions. This is especially useful for outdoor cameras that need to monitor outdoor areas after dark.

Motion Detection: Eufy cameras feature motion detection, which means they can be set to start recording when motion is detected in the field of view. This feature only records when there is activity, which helps save storage space and also provides early warning of potential intruders.

Two-way audio: Many eufy cameras come with built-in two-way audio that allows the user to communicate with the person on the other end of the camera. This is useful for checking on pets or children or deterring potential intruders.

Easy Installation: Eufy cameras are designed for easy installation, with many models offering wireless connectivity and easy installation options. This means users can get their cameras up and running quickly and easily.

Cloud Storage: Eufy cameras offer cloud storage options that allow users to securely store footage online. This ensures that no footage is lost if the camera is damaged or stolen, and also allows easy access to footage from anywhere via an Internet connection.

Works with Apple Watch

Jump to the Indoor Cam’s live view right on your Apple Watch as soon as you receive an alert notification.

Works with the Google Assistant

Connect your Indoor Cam with Google Home Hub for simple and convenient check-ups.

Works with Alexa

Simply ask Alexa to show you your living room and instantly see what is going on.

Where Innovation Meets Peace of Mind and Reliability

With innovative products that balance superior optics with user-friendly features, Eufy significantly enhances home security solutions that not only keep you safe, but give you peace of mind. By continually adapting to the ever-changing home security landscape, Eufy serves as a beacon of reliability and innovation in the home security arena, promising that security is not just a feature, but a guarantee.

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